Universal B2B Transfer Platform

Connects Multiple Accounts and Banks

Our platform seamlessly integrates with various accounts and banks, offering a unified solution for the streamlined management and monitoring of financial transactions, providing users with a comprehensive and centralized experience.

B2B Transfer Capabilities

Transfer and receive funds using Open Banking or IBAN transfers.

Automation and Workflows

Allows the creation of automated processes and workflows between accounts or to beneficiary accounts, streamlining transactions.

Collaborative Access

Facilitate collaborative financial management by providing multiple team members with secure and efficient access. This inclusive approach not only enhances transparency but also ensures that every team member can actively contribute to and participate in the comprehensive management of financial processes.

Extra Feature

Lower Fees

We offer lower fees than any other payment method.

Integration with Invoicing Systems

Link with invoicing systems to generate Open Banking QR codes or URL payments for clients, enhancing convenience and payment options.

Power Ups

Analyze Data

Build personalized user experience by aggregating your customers' financial data for accurate decision making

About Payper

Payper was created to help service providers streamline their payment processes and offer their customers a secure and convenient payment experience.

Payper: The Future of Payments

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